Federal Judge throws out Florida voting law

It is less than six weeks till the day Florida’s Presidential primary takes place. From the Miami Herald

TALLAHASSEE — A federal judge ordered state election officials to stop enforcing a 2-year-old voter registration law, ruling Tuesday that there is already proof that the change put in place by the GOP-controlled Florida Legislature has resulted in “actual harm to real individuals.”

About 14,000 people have not been able to register because of Florida’s ”no match” law that requires a citizen’s name on a voter registration form be matched with a Social Security number or driver’s license number. The law has been challenged by the NAACP and other groups that say the law unfairly blocks blacks and Hispanics from being able to register to vote.

Many of those who had their registration rejected since January 2006 when the law took effect are from South Florida. The groups that filed the lawsuit told the court that 35 percent are from Miami-Dade County and 8 percent from Broward.

U.S. District Judge Stephan Mickle rejected arguments from the state that the law is needed to deter possible voter fraud, pointing out that the state has not been able to prove that the 14,000 voters now in limbo engaged in voter fraud. He said the requirements put in place by Florida lawmakers apper to conflict with federal voting rights laws.

”The disenfranchisement, however unintentional, causes damage to the election system that cannot be repaired after the election has passed,” Mickle wrote in the order.

My reply would be- The same could be said for people who voted who weren’t allowed to, for whatever reason it may be. Damage done by these voters can’t be undone afterwards either.

Why didn’t the 14,000 names match? How about the Miami Herald telling us what reason was given by the State of Florida gave? I’m not naive enough to think some people are wrongly on the list, but I refuse to automatically buy the canned discrimination challenge of the NAACP. There has to be a reason people didn’t match.

You don’t have to say illegal aliens to this Florida resident resident of 31 years. I’m well aware of the demographics down here, but that can’t be every single one of the 14,000. If Florida can screw emergency food stamps for thousands of Floridians after Hurricane Wilma, namely not mailing them out in a timely fashion, they can screw up the matching process for people registering to vote too.

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