Drag Queen show bingo

I’ve been a resident of Florida over thirty years.(While I was in the Navy I remained a registered voter here.) During that time I’ve seen so many odd, crazy, and just insane happenings that I have long since lost count. How about an old lady driving a car into the swimming pool? Not uncommon around a state with so many elderly drivers, but this one turned her windshield wipers on afterwards. Did you hear the one about the Florida newspaper that mistook a GEO for a Porsche in a captioned photo? How about the bait car police were using to catch car thieves. Guess what? Car thieves stole it and got away. I’ve done over 160 chapters of ‘Florida the rules are different here’ in my 2.5 years of blogging. This place is just nuts.

The latest odd news comes from Sarasota Herald Tribune

SARASOTA — The drag queens were reined in and very nearly ladylike.

Succumbing to pressure from City Hall, prizeless drag queen bingo debuted at the Canvas Cafe on Monday night, to a capacity crowd of about 100 who came out to see the suddenly famous show.

But the bullhorns were gone after neighbors complained about the volume and the profanity of the trio of drag queen entertainers. The city attorney’s office warned the cafe management on Friday that bingo games need a permit.

Canvas Cafe co-owner Louis Schultz complied by doing away with prizes and charging at the door instead of for bingo cards. Instead of prizes, he held a raffle for restaurant gift certificates at the end of the night.

City officials were satisfied.

“If no money is accepted, it would be just like playing bridge with your friends at your house,” said City Attorney Bob Fournier.

Schultz also relieved his entertainers of their bullhorns, which had particularly rankled neighbors.

Daja Dupree did not need four-letter words to get the point across. A few sharp double entendres sufficed.

“We’ll invent words,” said Felicity Leimont, dressed in a two-piece Santa outfit of red spandex. “And gestures aren’t illegal.”

One bingo player who came out to see what all the fuss was about was Julie Kleinkopf, whose zebra-patterned jacket caught the attention of the trio of entertainers, who started the evening off wearing faux furs.

Kleinkopf was part of a group of 23 women who belong to local tennis clubs who came out to see the show. Plus it was her birthday — “29 again,” she said.

“What else would you want to do on your birthday but go to drag queen bingo?”

Yes what else are we supposed to do down here. Go watch the Miami Dolphins play winning football more than once a year? Wait for the next Palm Beach County politician to plead guilty to corruption charges? We could we waiting a while for those, so go to Canvas Cafe and play bingo.

I got nothing against Drag queens or GLBT folk in general, for I care less what an adult does with another adult. A business wants to feature the odd combo of men as women entertainers and bingo, fine with me. As I so often say about the Florida- Isn’t this a great state or what!

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