Monday Morning Round Up #2

When one can’t sleep…Surf!

  • Nuclear Fuel Iran receives its first shipment of nuclear fuel from Russia to power its power plant in Bushehr. Nevermind the reactor not being ready for it. Nevermind they refuse to stop uranium enrichment. It’s all peaceful. Right? (Via Lucianne)
  • Pardon Saudi rape vicitim sentenced to 200 lashes receives a royal pardon from King Abdullah. Pressure from the Whitehouse, various human rights groups, and news media. (Via Lucianne)
  • HOW MUCH? US Pledges half billion dollars to the PLO. You have got to be kidding me! (Via Lucianne)
  • More Blog Awards The 6th annual Right Wing News Conservative Blog awards. (Via Right Wing News)
  • Concessions Yet another concession to muslims in America. Isn’t segregation illegal now? (Via CQ)
  • They want this war? Dissenter of The House…Nancy Pelosi. (Via New Media Journal)
  • So much for freedom of speech Princeton student beaten for his conservative christian views. (Via New Media Journal)
  • No coup for Christmas
    America Online- Don't do me any favors