Mooning Over My Hammy

I am heartbroken this day. Heartbroken, I tell you.

Like most of America, I have a little bit of a crush on Mary Katharine Ham. For me, it’s a bit stronger — she briefly was a part of Wizbang, and a little collegial relationship goes a long way.

She’s come a long way since those halcyon days, now as bigwig over at Town Hall, Fox News contributor, and big-time video star. But I hope she remembers her days as a guest poster here at Wizbang.

I hope she does, because she doesn’t show too many signs of it.

Recently, she came to New Hampshire. And did she give a heads-up to her old colleague, the guy who’s hung his hat in the Granite State his whole life? Who’s a genuine registered voter for the New Hampshire primary? The guy who lived in Manchester for 16 years? Who’s spent many a day walking the very streets she trod? Who’s buddies with a cabbie, and could have gotten her preferential treatment when she needed a ride (or offered my own humble transportation? Did she express the slightest interest in meeting Mr. Duckie?


All can be forgiven, Mary Katharine. Gimme a heads-up the next time you’re going to be in my neck of the woods, and I’ll make sure you don’t get stranded on Elm Street again.

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