Jay Tea: Do NOT answer the door!

I know you’re still all moon-faced and sullen over Mary Katharine Ham not stopping by to see you while she was there, and are quite likely knee-deep in Madame Gnu’s Special Organic Herb Teas to drown your sorrows, but don’t let those pleasant herbal dreams blur the line between reality and the Twilight Zone, and rush off to answer the door thinking’s it’s a repentant MKH who read your post and hurried to your arms . . .

. . . don’t do that, because it could be worse. Much, much worse, according to Scott Malone for Reuters:

Hillary Clinton went door-to-door in freezing New Hampshire on Saturday, asking for support in the early voting state where her once-huge lead in the Democratic presidential primary race has melted away.

The New York senator knocked on doors along a snow-covered block of Manchester, less than a month before the crucial January 8 New Hampshire primary, the second binding contest of the 2008 presidential campaign.

“I’d be honored to have your support,” Clinton said on the front porch of Mike Glickstein, a Manchester resident.

Glickstein, a 38-year-old maintenance worker whose beagle howled incessantly as he spoke to the former first lady, said he had intended to vote for Clinton already.

Read it all at the link above. Mr. Glickstein – listen to your dog, man! Listen to your dog!

Anyway, forewarned is fore armed . . . although there is certain New England charm to the notion that Jay might, thinking Mary Katharine has run to his arms, throw open the door wearing only a hangover and a smile, to greet Senator Clinton. The YouTube would be viral . . .

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