So Say You’ll Help Me, Mama, ‘Cuz It’s Getting So Hard…

There used to be an old saying in journalism: “if your mother says she loves you, check it out.” That was in the good old days, before Stephen Glass, Franklin Foer, Scott Thomas Beauchamp, Reuters fauxtography, Dan Rather and Mary Mapes, Bilal Hussein, and far, far too many other instances to list here. (Luckily, we have this superb resource available to us now.)

Anyway, I guess Hillary Clinton is feeling a smidgen insecure about her mother’s affections, because she’s trotted Momma out on to the campaign trail, along with her daughter.

Obligatory snark reference: the commercial says Hillary’s mom lives with her. I wonder if that’s in DC or in Chappaqua, NY, and if Hillary spends more breakfasts with her mother or her husband.

Update: Link fixed

Update 2: 2nd link fixed. There are times this editor needs an editor…

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