Vote For Sale

Well, we’re coming down to the wire for the New Hampshire presidential primary, and I find myself utterly undecided about who to vote for. This isn’t like the general election, where it’s a simple binary decision; as a registered independent, I can vote for any candidate, regardless of party affiliation, simply by declaring myself a member of that party just long enough to vote, and then promptly resigning again. (I forgot that last part in 2000 after voting for Bill Bradley, and consequently spent the next five years as a registered Democrat until I finally got around to fixing that.)

So I’m turning to you, the readership, to give you a chance to participate — ever so slightly — in the New Hamsphire presidential primary. I’m looking for your guidance on who should get my vote.

OK, the headline is a bit sensationalistic. My vote is not “for sale.” It’s not even up for election. I’m looking for persuasive arguments on how I should cast my ballot, and I’ve narrowed the field of candidates down to five.

I’m not going to name any names (feel free to guess on which is which, but I most likely won’t confirm until after the primary), but just describe my reasons for voting for each of them. (And no, none of them is Ron Paul. Or, on the other end of the nutty bar, Dennis Kucinich.)

Candidate A is the one with I believe I would be most comfortable as president.

Candidate B is the most popular candidate I believe I could tolerate.

Candidate C has the most potential to be a great president — or a disastrous one.

Candidate D is the one from the party I would not want to win whom I think will do the least harm.

Candidate E is the one from the party I would not want to win whom I think would be the most easily beaten.

I almost included Candidate F — the one from the party I would not want to win who will do the most damage to that party’s eventual nominee — but I’m not quite that cynical.

And I’m not going to write in anyone. If they aren’t on the ballot, they don’t exist to me.

So have at it, folks. This is your chance to have even just a little say in the legendary New Hampshire presidential primary. Help me choose who’ll get my one vote come January.

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