Those Shifty, Deceiving Mormons…

…you just can’t trust them about ANYTHING.

(Hat tip to Don Surber, who really should have embedded the videos instead of just linking to them. Rob understands that readers want to just click on “play,” not follow a link.)

For the clue-impaired: no, this is not an attack on Mormons, or Mormonism in general. Rather, it’s a reminder that while Mitt Romney might be the current highest-profile Mormon in politic, he is not currently the Mormon who holds the highest elected office. Any faith-based attacks on Romney also reflect on the current Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-Caesar’s Palace). This is another example of my patented “bait and switch” postings where I deliberately mislead people with the headline and general tone, then zag at the end into an unexpected direction to make my real point — in this case, that Mormons are pretty much like the rest of us; they can be as noble or as craven as anyone else.

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