Democrats cave to Bush – again

President Bush continued his string of victories over the Democratic Congress as leaders in both House and Senate acquiesce to his spending limit demands, reports Alexander Bolton for The Hill:

Senate and House Democrats backed down Wednesday from a spending showdown with President Bush.

The Democrats’ capitulation Wednesday on the total domestic spending level is the latest instance of Bush prevailing on a major policy showdown. Bush and his Senate Republican allies have repeatedly beat back efforts by Democrats to place restrictions on funding for the war in Iraq as well as Democratic attempts to expand funding of children’s health insurance by $35 billion.

Democratic leaders said Wednesday that they would keep total spending at the strict $933 billion limit set by the White House. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) also abandoned a proposal she supported Tuesday to eliminate lawmakers’ earmarks from spending bills after she faced stiff opposition from powerful fellow Democrats.

Pelosi told the Democratic chairmen of the House Appropriations subcommittees, the so-called cardinals, that earmarks would stay in the omnibus and that Democratic leaders would accede to cut spending to levels demanded by Bush to save 11 spending bills from a veto, said sources familiar with a meeting that took place in Pelosi’s office early Wednesday morning.

The Democratic cardinals rebelled against a plan suggested by Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) to save $9.5 billion by slashing earmarks. Obey hoped to use the money to minimize cuts to domestic programs important to Democrats.

Read the entire article at the link above. Bush doesn’t really deserve all the credit for making Reid, Pelosi, and the Democrats look like a bunch of whiny incompetents. After all, they ARE a bunch of whiny incompetents. What else should they look like?

Still, given their lofty rhetoric and ambitious agenda after winning control in last year’s midterm elections, one might think they’d occasionally win one of these showdowns.

One would be wrong, of course.

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