Tax Hikes

The House on Wednesday for the second time in 7 days passed a de facto tax hike under the guise of fixing the Alternative Minimum Tax:

226 / 229 – 99% – Democrats in favor of de facto tax hike
0 / 190 – 0% – Republicans in favor of de facto tax hike

3 / 229 – 1% – Democrats opposed to de facto tax hike
190 / 190 – 100% – Republicans opposed to de facto tax hike

Obviously that bill has no chance of escaping an override-proof veto under the current administration.

Nanny State Banking + Real Estate Laws

A House Committee on Wednesday cleared a ghastly nanny state mortgage loan and bankruptcy law bill:

100% – 16 / 16 – Democrats in favor
6% – 1 / 16 – Republicans in favor

0% – 0 / 16 – Democrats opposed
94% – 15 / 16 – Republicans opposed

That bill in essence would give borrowers and bankruptcy judges retroactive veto power over private mortgage loan contracts.

Obviously there’s not a chance of that bill or anything along those lines escaping a guaranteed and override-proof veto by Bush 43.

Nanny State Heathcare

Here’s a link to the actual text of the president’s veto message from Wednesday regarding the Democrats’ latest attempt to enact that socialized medicine healthcare bill. For obvious reasons Pravda-media’s reporting was so biased and agenda-driven as to be utterly useless.

* * *
Incidentally, keep in mind as you digest the machinations of Congress that several *million* conservatives are going to stay home and not vote next November. Surreal, huh?

Fortunately Hillary is to electability what Kitty Dukakis was to sobriety.

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