Wednesday’s Business News

Gumbmint Regulation

Clinton-nominated federal district court judge Anthony Ishii on Wednesday ruled against the auto industry and in favor of California AG Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown on the issue whether California can regulate vehicle emissions. When reached by Wizbang Ross Perot expressed surprise at that ruling, claiming he didn’t realize presidents had the power to nominate federal judges. Go figure.

Obviously the liberal 9th Circuit will agree with Judge Ishii’s assessment. With luck, however, that case will make its way up to the SCOTUS and thereby allow Justice Kennedy — as he often does — to reign in a misguided decision from his recent past, namely, that infamous 5-4 Clean Air Act ruling from the 2006-2007 term.

P.S. – This AP article is very biased — with an obvious agenda — but if you sift through all that you can obtain most the salient details of that litigation.

Mama Bell

AT&T announced this week it would increase its dividend and expand its share buyback program. The irony being that only several years ago many Lemmings on Wall St. were predicting the “traditional” phone companies were heading towards extinction.

OTC Cholesterol Fighter

Here’s an agenda-driven but passable article on Merck’s efforts to get the moribund and slow-witted FDA to approve its OTC medicine for cholesterol. It’s worth a perusal.

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

Here’s a decent article about those ongoing trade talks between the USA and China. It’s worth a pretty close read.

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