Coming soon: “Gay Spray™”

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have discovered altering a particular gene in fruit flies can turn them into homosexuals, but that the introduction of certain pheromones (smells) affected the behavior. They could, through manipulating the genetic effect and the pheromones, control whether or not male fruit flies were attracted to other males or to females – within a few hours. Read the whole story.

Naturally, it is yet unclear how this research might affect humans. Human susceptibility to pheromones remains a matter of debate. Women have been using perfumes for centuries, and men have used colognes and “after-shaves” for more than a century, in attempting to attract the opposite sex, with varying success. Clearly, the after shave “Hai Karate” did not force men to fight off women quite so effectively as in the commercials from the 1960s. One scent marketed in the late ’70s or early ’80s, “Andron,” used actual pheromones, but the effectiveness wasn’t there (or else it would still be the top-selling fragrance, wouldn’t it?).

Should this process translate to human behavior, though, the possibilities are interesting. If the woman you love admires another man, just hit him with the “gay spray” and he’ll be off to seek different companionship. Since it apparently works both ways, this could also be effective for gay men.

It’s only male behavior which was studied, of course, because female behavior remains beyond all scientific comprehension.


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