Gee, Projecting Much?

I think I’m sensing a pattern here…

Liberals are the ones who are most loudly saying that evangelical Christians are the ones who are bigoted, and will have the biggest problems with Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. But over the weekend, a panelist on “The McLaughlin Group” had a full-blown meltdown over the subject. Astonishingly, it’ wasn’t Pat Buchanan, but Democratic operative Larry O’Donnell who wigged out.

Democrats like to say that it’s the right-wingers who are spreading the rumor that Barack Obama is a “crypto-Muslim,” a stealth follower of Mohammed who will… I dunno, move the summer White House to Mecca and outlaw pork chops. I don’t quite grasp the nuances here. But anyway, in the last week it’s been the Hillary Clinton campaign that’s been caught spreading the rumors — and has had to fire two staffers over two separate incidents.

We’re constantly told that race should not be an issue in the election, that we should judge Barack Obama on his character and not his skin color. But Andrew Young, the civil rights leader and former Carter administration official, threw his support behind Hillary Clinton, saying that Bill Clinton “is every bit as black as Barack” and Clinton had “probably gone with more black women than Barack,”

Of course, Young was only “clowning,” so that makes it all OK. After all, he’s not Don Imus.

If this is not a series of aberrations, but indeed a trend, it could be a very useful “tell.” All you have to do is see what the liberals are howling most loudly about, and then go looking for some of their number doing precisely that. It could save a whole lot of time and effort if they were to tell us just what sorts of things they’re doing that they’re ashamed of — it’s whatever they’re accusing others of doing.

2007 Business Review -- Energy
Joe Horn