Well, Shoot…

Earlier this week, an all-too-familiar story unfolded: a troubled young man armed himself with guns he had no legal right to possess and went into a “gun-free zone,” then shot and killed a bunch of people before taking his own life. In Omaha, the toll of innocents was eight dead and two wounded.

At Virginia Tech, the body count was 32 dead, 27 wounded, and 6 more injured fleeing.

In both cases, deeply disturbed young men who had no legal right to possess guns got them anyway, and went hunting on “gun-free zones” where they knew they would not have to risk their victims turning on them and defending themselves, then turned the gun on themselves when they ran out of victims.

And no, I’m not going to mention their names here. Or ever. Those pathetic wastes of skin committed their atrocities to make themselves famous, to be remembered forever, to leave their mark on history. Well, fuck that and fuck them. They don’t deserve even an unmarked grave — toss their corpses in the nearest landfill. Rest in feces, scumbags.

So tell me again how those gun control laws are working. Tell me again how ideas like “gun-free zones” make us all safer. Tell me again how just passing more laws will keep massacres like the ones in Omaha and at Virginia Tech from happening again.

Keep telling me that until I punch you in the face. I’d shoot you, but I respect the gun-control laws and don’t feel like going through the rigamarole (as minimal as it is here in New Hampshire) of getting a gun legally and don’t own any.

Then, go tell it to the families of those who died in Omaha and on the campus of Virginia Tech and explain how it isn’t your fault that their loved ones were denied the chance to defend themselves when they put their faith and trust and safety in the pronunciations of how safe and secure the “gun-free zones” they established. Tell them that they don’t need to protect themselves, because you’ve constructed these magic “gun-free zones” that will keep them safe.

Until they don’t.

Trust the government to protect you, place your life and your faith in their magic laws and policies and prohibitions and bans and restrictions. And then don’t dare complain when they don’t work and people die.

Shamelessly stolen from (but expanded upon greatly) my neighbor Bruce, who’s got plenty to say about this on his own. And in case you don’t go and read Bruce’s own words, I’m going to steal a phrase of his to make sure you don’t miss it:

It’s not a gun-free zone if you get shot there.

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