Round Up Time

Whoa! It’s Thursday already? Time flies. Here’s a pot pourri of stories from around the web/blogosphere and from my neck of the woods.

  • We’re not winning. The surge hasn’t accomplished its goals,” Reid said. “… We’re involved, still, in an intractable civil war.” (Via: The Politico)
  • Off to the pen for Hsu Norman Hsu indicted on federal fraud charges (Via Lucianne)
  • Cyber bullying No Charges in myspace suicide. Megan Meier, 13, hanged herself after receiving mean messages on the Internet social networking site. The 16-year old boy with whom she had been communicating turned out to be a fabrication created by a mother down the street. (Via…lost link. If anyone finds a wandering link it goes here!)
  • Accident or Suicide? Local 12 year old dies of self inflicted gunshot to head. (Via WBIR)
  • Heroine of the day. 8 year old takes 6 shots intended for her mother during kidnapping attempt. She will live, but lost an eye. (Via WBIR)
  • At it again Micheal Newdow at it again. Wants to remove under god from the pledge and in god we trust from our currency. (Via Fox News)
  • Where’s the Recession? US Jobs and Productivity Up. (Via FORBES)
  • The Hillary Party Team Hill and The Democrat Party (Via The Bulletin)
  • Omaha, Nebraska Gunman Kills 8, wounds 5, Commits Suicide. (Via Sister Toldjah)
  • Bali anyone? Indonesia has planted 79 MILLION trees to offset the clear cutting going on in its rainforests. In the meantime 10k people are headed for the vacation resort to discuss global warming. How many trees do they plan to plant for this little excursion? (Via Sister Toldjah)
  • I didn’t lobby anyone on the parole committee Huckabee says the parole board members are lying. (Via Hot Air)
  • You’re Fired Mitt Romney fires lawn care company after he learns the Boston Globe is checking their immigrant workers status. (Via Corner at National Review)
  • The Winning Strategery According to Dick Morris there is only one way for Hillary to shift the focus onto Obama or Edwards and that is to lose Iowa and New Hampshire. Losing in those two states would make the key question her veracitybut her opponent’s ability to win. (Via Cold Hearted Truth) AND Real Clear Politics) Strategy is deliberately misspelled in case the spelling and grammar cops are on the lose tonight.
  • Israel says that dog won’t hunt! Israel doesn’t buy into the NIE report. (Via Little Green Footballs)
  • About Face! The same man who made the following statment on in July of this year is also the same man who helped craft the current NIE report. He said: “We assess that Tehran is determined to develop nuclear weapons–despite its international obligations and international pressure. This is a grave concern to the other countries in the region whose security would be threatened should Iran acquire nuclear weapons. (Via Little Green Footballs) AND (Via Weekly Standard)
  • Got it all figured outWhile this commenter wonders what’s up with that NIE report? (Via Little Green Footballs)
  • The Wall Street Journal is thinking along the same lines From The Article: “The larger worry here is how little we seem to have learned from our previous intelligence failures. Over the course of a decade, our intelligence services badly underestimated Saddam’s nuclear ambitions, then overestimated them. Now they have done a 180-degree turn on Iran, and in such a way that will contribute to a complacency that will make it easier for Iran to build a weapon.”
    And in the Wall Street journal no less. (Via Opinion Journal)
  • Iran looking to buy 50,000 Centrifuges Probably for that peaceful uranium enrichment program of theirs. (Via Little Green Footballs)
  • Obama-Oprah rally moved to football stadium
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