2007 Business Review — Media

This is the 4th in a series of posts about the year’s major business stories:

CBS News

The unionized writers at CBS News called a strike. Irony can be ironic, eh?

Thereafter a media/Democrat debate to be aired on CBS was canceled on grounds the DNC didn’t want its presidential candidates to face the specter of having to cross a media union’s picket lines. Talk about being hoisted upon one’s own petard, huh?

Meanwhile the decision to make Katie Couric anchor of “Evening News” continued to pay negative dividends. Not only is Katie running third in a three-horse field but her ratings have dropped below even the depressed levels of her two immediate predecessors.

Speaking of which, dan raTHer was back in the news. The patron saint of liberal media bias filed a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit against CBS.

For those who missed it, or who’ve already blocked it out, Texas Folly used fabricated documents regarding the president’s TANG service in an unsuccessful attempt to dupe the zombie and space cadet brigades into rejecting the president’s re-election bid. CBS didn’t have the cojones to publish the obvious motivation for raTHer’s behavior, but it determined nonetheless the aforementioned documents were bogus; accordingly, raTHer was dismissed. Now he and CBS are fighting each other in court.

You can’t even make that stuff up.

Liberal Print Media

The liberal print media continued in 2007 to circle the drain.

Virtually every major liberal newspaper around the country posted declines in paid circulation, advertising revenue and total revenue. There were massive job cuts throughout the industry. The leftist San Francisco Chronicle, for example, jettisoned 25% of its news force.


The liberal cable news channels descended towards absolute irrelevance.

Far more people watch “Meerkat Manor” on Animal Planet, by way of example, than any of the vacuous screamfests on MSNBC or CNBC. More people watch bowling on ESPN than CNN’s vapid programming.

The View {of nothingness}

TV writers went out on strike and, as such, there arose the self-parody of media/Democrat presidential candidates refusing to appear on the Democrat quasi-political program “The View,” in order to demonstrate solidarity with their striking Democrat union comrades.

Fox(y ladies)

Fox News and its corporate parent continued in 2007 to annoy liberal idiots and to make headlines.

News Corp. purchased the venerable Wall Street Journal. Fox debuted its business channel. Regarding the latter, I actually sat down out of sheer boredom recently and watched about a half-hour. As expected there virtually was nothing in the way of substance. But there was a helluva lot of fine T&A on display. Yow-za!


Wealthy liberal malcontents in Hollywood in 2007 produced not one, not two, not three, but, count ’em, *four* anti-American, anti-Bush films. The biggest of these polemics, “Lions for Lambs,” was D.O.A. at the box office and became in the process one of the more noteworthy Hollywood busts since “Gigli.” The remainder didn’t even rise to the level of D.O.A. — those flicks were stillborn.

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