The Leadership Test

You know, funny thing about that ‘President’ job that so many folks are going after; it’s often called “Leader of the Free World”, and for me that brings up the qualities of leadership, and who does (and does not) show they are a leader. Leadership has become a buzz word in recent years, and there are all kinds of courses and books which promise to help one become a leader or improve their leadership skills. Well, I should not be too cynical; Parris Island has done a fine job of producing leaders for a long long time, so I suppose it can be done if you have the right material and some real good instructors. Then again, if someone wants to be President of the United States, they’d better have their leadership qualities already in place and ready to go, and that takes us to a look at what I will call my Leadership Dashboard. You see, even though the question of whether leadership can be taught, a lot of folks agree on what a real leader does. For all the talk and jibber-jabber about who will win the Primaries and the General Election, the real race starts with a simple sort-out between the leaders and the phonies. Simply consider the following qualities, and ask yourself who, if anyone, exhibits them among the candidates of any party:

1. A Leader declares goals and ideals
2. A Leader is not petty
3. A Leader looks ahead, not behind
4. A Leader does not obsess about his image
5. A Leader is optimistic and enthusiastic
6. A Leader does not make decisions because of polls
7. A Leader is confident of success
8. A Leader is neither hesitant nor reckless
9. A Leader sees Opportunity, and takes the chance
10. A Leader trusts his team

Sound like anyone on the ticket to you?

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