Ron Paul and Joy Behar on the same stage?! How do they contain all the kookiness?!

Ron Paul was on The View yesterday with Joy Behar & Co., and craziness definitely ensued.

As an example, check out this intro:

Paul’s appearance on set didn’t come until the end of the show, after the in-depth discussion about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cellulite and body image, the power going out at co-host Joy Behar’s last dinner party and Breslin’s aversion to math as taught by her tutors.

But Paul was there. The first Republican presidential hopeful to appear on the show, Paul was dubbed by Behar, an avowed supporter of Democrats, as her favorite Republican in the race because he opposes the Iraq War.

When Behar teased Paul’s appearance before going to commercial, she pointed out that he is, in addition to his 10 terms in Congress, an OB-GYN. “Two treats in one,” she told the audience, before poking a little fun at Paul.

As a large head shot of him smiling in front of an American flag flashed on screen, Behar asked, “Can you imagine that face staring at you from behind the stirrups.”

Co-host Sherri Shepherd said she thought Paul looked nice and she wouldn’t mind him delivering her baby.

Not your typical Ron Paul introduction.
Wow, what a classy way to introduce a presidential candidate. Real smooth.

Joy Behar, of course, loooooves Ron Paul because of his anti-war stance, but he’s also against abortion, so she just couldn’t possibly support him, darn it.

Showing her political prowess, Whoopi Goldberg asked Paul about China and “all the things that have been going on there”. Paul’s zinger of a response? “Treat China like any other country.”

Man, oh man. (Or maybe I should say woman?) Looks like The View is truly now on its way to becoming an important, relevant show that doesn’t just talk about stupid woman issues. I mean, before Ron Paul took the stage, the ladies discussed Jennifer Love Hewitt’s — GASP!! — cellulite, and how the power went out at Joy Behar’s last dinner party. Riveting, indeed.

My number one question, though, is this. How did the producers do it?? With both Ron Paul and Joy Behar on stage, how were they able to support and contain all the craziness?!

Hat Tip: Liberty Pundit

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