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Bruce Kesler says this is the book to read to get the full story on the Swift Boat Veterans’ campaign to expose the truth about John Kerry’s military experience in Vietnam and the resulting media treatment. Bruce says of To Set the Record Straight, “This is an extraordinary, comprehensive, documented accounting of the grossest behavior of the MSM, spurring the rise of the alternative “rest of the story.” Read a detailed description of the material included in the book at Democracy Project. Here’s an excerpt:

The 389-page book is very well-written and documented, based on virtually every public source and on extensive exclusive interviews with all those involved. Footnotes abound, and there’s an excellent index.

This is not a partisan diatribe, though of definite views, but an invaluable basic resource to anyone regardless of their politics. It’s all true, and the truths – the depths to which the Kerry-aligned media stooped to try to squelch the Swiftees – are all here, and truly shocking when all pulled together in one place.

In early 2004, Swett, on his own, set up the website WinterSoldier.com. The site collected the various articles written over the years about John Kerry’s Vietnam service and his subsequent disservice – in support of the program of the North Vietnamese — denouncing Vietnam veterans as bloodthirsty, out-of-control murderers of innocent Vietnamese.

Once Kerry’s nomination for president in 2004 seemed likely, WinterSoldier.com became a meeting place for many Vietnam veterans and others and provided a wealth of information that for the first time demonstrated how widespread were Kerry’s exaggerations and lies.

John Kerry’s hagiographic biography by courtesan Douglas Brinkley, Tour Of Duty, (A two-part historiographic review I wrote at the academic site H-War is here and here.) contained so many assertions known to be untrue by those actually there — fellow SwiftBoaters in Vietnam — that the Swiftees came together to document the falsehoods.
Unfit For Command followed. The destruction of Kerry’s invented heroic image followed.

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