It’s enough to make you say bah humbug!

Don’t look at me, I’m not dreaming of a green, environmentally sound Christmas. But these, people are. Grinch green maybe. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a cleaner safer enivironment. However, the people in the following articles take it a bit far.

  • Divorce contributes to global warming (Via Yahoo News) So don’t get married and don’t have kids and you will help save the planet? Don’t celebrate holidays either. Just keep reading.
  • Christmas Trees contribute to global warming(Via Tree Hugger)
  • Have a Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Instead of traditional Christmas dinner serve nuts, berries, fruits, veggies. Instead of gift giving make charitable donations. Just try to explain that to your 4 year old. I’m not against charitable giving. I just prefer to give people gifts because I like to see their reactions. (Via Stop Global Warming)
  • Green Shopping From the article: “Our first tip really is to go for a stuff-free holiday,” said Sarah van Schagen, assistant editor for Grist, an online environmental magazine.
    That might mean giving gift certificates for “experiences” instead of presents or IOUs for chores. Other low-impact ideas include shopping for locally produced goods and buying items made from environmentally safe materials.
    (Via Seattle PI)
  • The lack of insurance made him do it (Via Newsbusters) Tell me you didn’t see that one coming.
  • Mormon Speech Mitt Romney is going to give The Speech (Via: Captains Quarters)
  • David Micheal Green at Smirking Chimp thinks Bush should be impeached because the surge is working. (Via Rightwing News)
  • Harry Reid slams Bush (Via Polipundit)
  • Melissa Clouthier sees what I’ve been seeing firsthand From her article: It makes me wonder if America’s problem is that we have few problems and have the luxury to obsess. (Via Rightwing Nws)
  • Deaf, Partially Naked Man Tasered In His Own Bathroom
    CNN's Cooper Knew Kerr