Hillary Hostage Taker: Worse Than We Thought

Well, now the full criminal record of Leeland Eisenberg, the nutcase who took over Hillary Clinton’s Rochester, NH office last Friday, is out — and it turns out that those who thought the worse of him were, if anything, being kind.

Eisenberg had a string of lesser convictions before he finally went to prison in 1985 for rape. But old habits are hard to break; a year later, he broke out of prison and committed a second rape. He was released from prison in 2005, when he moved to New Hampshire. He was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender, and currently faces charges of stalking as well.

For the fake bomb scare, he’s being held on $500,000 bail. I still think that’s too lenient.

Earlier, I said I was glad the incident had ended with no one being injured. Now I find myself wondering if a trigger-happy police sniper might have done the world a favor.

But then the sniper would have to live with the knowledge that he killed an unarmed man with a fake bomb, and that’s not fair.

The Boston Herald has the best rundown of Eisenberg’s lengthy criminal career, but the Union Leader and the Boston Globe also have some good information.

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