Deaf, Partially Naked Man Tasered In His Own Bathroom

There’s been a break in the recent string of taser deaths and tasering of dumbasses, with what may take the cake for poor judgment in deployment of a taser. Donnell Williams, a Wichita man who is effectively deaf without his hearing aids, was tasered by police in his own bathroom while wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Why were the cops in the mans bathroom? They had busted into the man’s house chasing down a reported shooting, which turns out to have been a false report.

Wichita police faced with a man in a bath towel, no visible weapon, no evidence of a shooting, and the main pointing at his ears telling them he can’t hear, claim the really didn’t have much choice but to taser him.

Maybe it’s me but that sure seems like a shoot first, ask question later policy. I’m suspecting that Mr Williams won’t be so forgiving of toward the police once he retains an attorney.

Hearing Impaired Man Tased by Police (KWCH)

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