Weekend Re-Cap

  • One whopper of a tale One lie too many, even the democrats have a hard time swallowing the whopper Bill Clinton told. Looks like someone should remind Clinton of the saying ‘the truth will find you out’. Or hand him a shovel so he can dig deeper. (Via The Conservative Voice)
  • Dana Perino vs Helen Thomas White House press secretary Dana Perino and Helen Thomas square off. ‘Bout time someone told that old windbag where to stuff it. To make it even better, it’s on video. (Video added by Bryan Preston at Hot Air)
  • Hillary Booed At the Heartland Presidential Candidates Forum in Des Moines, activists booed Hillary after she declined to commit to passing comprehensive immigration reform in her first 100 days in office. Are they trying to say these people are in favor of amnesty for illegal, emphasis on the word ILLEGAL immigrants? (Via Fox News)
  • Access Denied Things are getting mighty testy around Hillary when even the liberal media is upset that they can’t get access to her. It looks like they have her number as they wonder if it’s because she’s trying to avoid another ‘blunder’. (Via Sister Toldjah)
  • Another Fake Hate Crime As if we didn’t have enough of these incidents already. And this time over cheating on a paramedics exam. Save the taxpayers some money and just own up to cheating on the test no matter what race you are. Via Sister Toldjah)
  • Cancelled. What else can you do when your host is in jail? He hadn’t donated to Hillary’s campaign but was going to host a fundraiser for her. My best bet would be that he intended to donate to her campaign. (Via Powerline Blog)
  • Monkey in the middle? Erin Burdette of msnbc refers to Bush as ‘monkey in the middle’. Here’s the video Biased much? (Via Reformed Chicks Blabbing)
  • Larry Craig Is it just me or is everyone else getting tired of the ‘didn’t want to give their names people’ who want to point fingers and get a (preferably republican) political figure in trouble types? This is strictly my opinion. I think the democrats drag up an alleged gay republican everytime they need a smoke screen to distract from something they’re doing. In this case, Hillary’s lead slipping in the polls. Or maybe Bill Clinton’s exercise in selective memory on the Iraqi Freedom Bill last week? And the democrats claim to be the tolerant party while tossing the very people they claim to support under the bus. Nice way of winning votes huh? (Via Yahoo News)
  • Military Do's and Don'ts
    Picking Up Massachusetts' Garbage