Ted Kennedy gets fat book advance

Senator Ted Kennedy is apparently getting a huge advance for his memoirs, reportedly in the range of those given to Hillary Clinton ($8 mil) and Tony Blair ($9 mil). Personally, before I’d advance him a dime, I’d make sure he actually remembered something.

Read more at Daily Takes, where they’re also speculating about the title. Some of the current favorites are:


The Bridges of (Chappaquiddick) Dukes County

A Bridge Too Far

Water Under the Bridge

Read the rest at the link above – the alternative titles are in the comments. I find it remarkable that Chivas Regal hasn’t figured in any of the proposed titles so far (well, okay, there is Splash with a Chaser, but it doesn’t specify the brand). Given the prominent influence of Chivas Regal in Kennedy’s life and career, I think it deserves a mention.

UPDATE: I hope the title isn’t misleading . . . Senator Kennedy did not get an advance for writing a book on being fat, or losing weight. Neither is there any reason to believe the book itself will be thick. It’s the advance I consider “fat,” not the book.

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