More Iraq news that you won’t see in the MSM

At least not prominently. No, it’ll probably run somewhere around page A-16 or so in a little teeny, tiny column, where no one will see it unless they’re really looking for it.

In the QUAGMIRE! that is Iraq according to Dems, deaths have been dropping. Citizens have been returning. Progress is being made, and victory is inevitable, if Democratic leaders will only let us achieve it.

A sign of our coming win in Iraq:

In the Iraq war, November has been one of the more deadly months for U.S. troops. However, this November has been the quietest since the U.S.-led coalition ousted Saddam Hussein in 2003.

With two days of the month remaining, the number of Americans killed this November in defense of Iraq’s new democracy is 34. That’s less than half the U.S. deaths of the previously least violent November.

Here’s the record on post-invasion Novembers:

U.S. deaths in Iraq war:

November 2003: 82.
November 2004: 137.
November 2005: 84.
November 2006: 70.
November 2007: 34.
Of course, all you’ll hear in the media and from the cut and run, cowardly, traitorous defeatocrats Democrats is how we “can’t afford to stay in Iraq anymore”, how the country is tired of war, how Iraqis don’t want us there, blah blah blah blah blah.

Good news in Iraq = bad.
Bad news in Iraq = good.

For the Dems and the mainstream media, it’s defeat at any cost. But no matter how hard they try to make us lose, we’re still winning. The numbers don’t lie.

Hat tip: Ace

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