It’s Been a Busy Week

Better late than never. Here’s some weekend reading for you.

  • ACLU The ACLU thanks Mitt Romney for acknowledging their good work. I suspect that’s not the endorsement he really wanted. (Via Stop The ACLU)
  • The gauntlet has been tossed. Here’s the original article. Anti-Quran Dutch film maker Geert Wilders, plans to release a film to highlight fascist passages in the Quran. Why does it seem the dutch are the only ones willing to put to words or pictures what many in the world think of the Quran? (Via Neal Boortz)
  • Fur’s gonna fly And a link to the original article.IDs For Illegals Guess which city is giving municipal id’s to illegal immigrants. Check out that comment section below the article. It isn’t pretty. (Via Neal Boortz)
  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy is going to run in opposition to Senator Mary Landrieu in Louisiana. (Via Polipundit)
  • Economy Spin 101
    Sure, the economy grew at 4.9% but it won’t last. Right? At least msnbc thinks it won’t. (Via Polipundit)
  • A Depressing Debate I don’t think the debate was all that depressing. Between the catfight between Romney and Giuliani and the obvious planted questions,I thought it was stupid. No one really got to show their ‘stuff’. Except maybe Huckabee. Honestly, how presidential and serious does “President Huckabee” sound? So if I had to pick a winner then it would be Romney’s hair. Not a strand out of place. I don’t think it ever moved either, now that I think about it. Hey! Can we pit his hair against Edwards to see who wins? (Via The Campaign Standard)
  • Interesting Chart Americans see election coverage as biased to the left by a margin of two to one. Maybe people are finally starting to wake up to that smell of bs in the morning, afternoon, evening emanating from their newspaper and televison? One can hope. (Via Coldhearted Truth)
  • Will a recession help the GOP in 2008? James Pethokoukis thinks that maybe a recession might be the perfect environment for a Mr. Fix-It candidate. (Via USNews)
  • Bush’s Compassionately Conservative Subprime Fix
    Interestingly enough three of the four states with the highest foreclosure rates are also swing states, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan. (Via USNews)
  • Troop Surge Working Jack Murtha has decided the troop surge is working, but he says Iraqis must play a larger role in security.(Via Post Gazette)
  • Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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