Henry Hyde

Henry Hyde passed away on Thursday.

Airheaded liberals in the media will obsess and froth over the man’s abortion views and the Clinton impeachment trial.

Not only is that vacuous and vapid it’s a grave injustice.

Rep. Hyde entered Congress during the ghastly period of the mid-1970’s. The country was in deep decline and poised to fall further into the abyss. Democrats had absolute power over the purse strings of the federal government and colossal majorities in the state governments. Being a Republican was akin to having leprosy. The USA was being turned into a banana republic.

Hyde represented an urban/suburban District. Replete with union members and by-rote roboDemocrats. For the final decade of his career he specifically was targeted for elimination by the vicious media/leftist/Democrat machine.

Yet he never wavered on his core beliefs.

Although he had the misfortune of being on an S&L board when the banking sector imploded in the early-1990’s, Hyde never was on the take and nobody even suggested as much over a 30-year stint in Congress. Given the history of Northern Illinois politics that itself is a remarkable achievement.

At a time when conservatives tend to look at former sportscasters and spoiled academics for guidance, Hyde was a man of action who accomplished more than cheap talk.

Hyde retired on his own terms and personally chose his successor.


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