Sunday through Monday Round Up

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  • Oil Prices will drop. Maybe
    The good news. Oil Prices to drop. The bad news. They’ll go back up again.
  • Riots in France (via The Conservative Voice)
  • At least 40 French police were hurt late on Monday in running battles with scores of rioters in a suburb north of Paris where two youths died after a crash involving a police car.

    You know, I hate that they died, but if they hadn’t been trying to flee, this probably wouldn’t have happened.

  • Possibly the ugliest bride I’ve ever seen (via LGF)
  • Oh what a lovely couple! In a kind of weird stubbly sort of way. Five o’clock shadow will be all the rage amongst brides now!

  • What’s in a name (via LGF)
  • So a teddy bear named muhammed is blasphemous? What if they’d named it Bush Satan? Would that make them happy?

And a few things from Sunday from various and sundried blogs.

  • What Economic Downturn
    Bad news for the economic doom and gloomers out there. Retail sales were UP on Black Friday.
  • Impeachment: Take 106 and Counting (via Newsbusters)
  • The impeach somebody, anybody, we don’t care who it is crowd is at it again. This time they even have fake mug shots of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. Can someone please inform them that by the time any charges could possibly be brought against either man, they get lawyered up, and things get rolling there will be a new president sitting in the White house? Why bother at this point? Anyone have some Tylenol? My head hurts after reading this tripe.

  • Get your own town
  • After reading all the above insane stuff you might want to buy yourself your own town and hide from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the real estate market is less one such town. It went for 3.8 million dollars. On eBay no less.

  • Headless Blue Ox
  • Paul Bunyon’s fabled companion, Babe the Blue Ox, lost his head. Maybe there was something going on that we weren’t told about in all those tall tales?

  • Brave Turkeys
  • Fifteen turkeys visit Greenlawn, New York for Thanksgiving Day.

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