Go, Hillary!

Let me make one thing perfectly clear: there is no way in HELL I would ever vote for Hillary Clinton. I do not trust her, I do not respect her, I find her core political beliefs not only repulsive, but dangerous. I think her career is entirely built on the accomplishments and talents of her husband, and that is the sole reason she did not divorce him after the first, or second, or one-hundred-and-thirty-seventh time he cheated on her. She is a shameless carpetbagger, hypocrite, and the embodiment of the nanny-state mentality that routinely denounces the “abuses” of President Bush while simultaneously arguing for the expansion of government powers into place where the government has no business whatsoever.

That being said, she’s said and done a few things recently that make me cheer for her.

First up, she was confronted by yet another of those Code Pink assholes at a public speech. Instead of blowing her off or offering her “sympathies” or all the other crap that Democratic politicians routinely do when confronted by the vipers they’ve embraced to their bosom, Hillary did exactly the right thing — she had the nutjob hauled off by security.

And even more deliciously, she mocked the dipshit as she was given the bum’s rush.

Next up, Hillary addressed the issue of gays in the military. Remember that “don’t ask, don’t tell” was one of her bright ideas — indeed, it was one of the first major moves by her husband right after he was elected. (Funny how it suddenly became so important once he took the oath, when he hadn’t talked about it much before the election… but I digress.)

I’m a strong supporter of the military, and nearly every time when an issue comes up, I tend to say “let the military handle themselves the way they see best.” But I’m also a fairly strong supporter of gay rights (I support gay marriage, for example, as long as it’s done in the “right” way — through changes in the law, not judicial fiat), and I find myself nodding along with Dafydd ab Hugh’s take on the matter. Regulate behavior, not beliefs. Punish deeds, not thoughts. Unlike Dafydd, I can’t think of any of the gay people I’ve met who might make damned fine soldiers, sailors, marines, or airmen, but I don’t doubt that they do exist.

If I could believe for one instant that Hillary could be trusted to exert as much common sense and reasonableness and clarity of thought and principle as she shows in these two cases, I’d consider voting for her. Hell, she also voted for the Iraq war and now says that she would NOT instantly withdraw the troops once elected, so she has that going for her.

But we’ve seen too many glimpses of the REAL Hillary over the years. For all the right words she says now, I simply can’t trust her to keep her current, public principles once she would hold the reins of power.

But damn, it’s good to hear a leading Democratic presidential candidate at least say these things.

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