Karl Rove’s First Newsweek Contribution

He wrote about how to beat Hillary next November. Here’s the first three paragraphs:

I’ve seen up close the two Clintons America knows. He’s a big smile, hand locked on your arm and lots of charms. “Hey, come down and speak at my library. I’d like to talk some politics with you.”

And her? She tends to be, well, hard and brittle. I inherited her West Wing office. Shortly after the 2001 Inauguration, I made a little talk saying I appreciated having the office because it had the only full-length vanity mirror in the West Wing, which gave me a chance to improve my rumpled appearance. The senator from New York confronted me shortly after and pointedly said she hadn’t put the mirror there. I hadn’t said she did, just that the mirror was there. So a few weeks later, in another talk, I repeated the story about the mirror. And shortly thereafter, the junior senator saw me and, again, without a hint of humor or light in her voice, icily said she’d heard I’d repeated the story of the mirror and she … did … not … put … that mirror in the office.

It is a small but telling story: she is tough, persistent and forgets nothing. Those are some of the reasons she is so formidable as a contender, and why Republicans who think she would be easy to beat are wrong. The Republican presidential nomination is the most fluid and unpredictable contest in decades, but the Democratic nominee is likely to be Hillary. Not without a fight, not without losing early contests (probably Iowa, for starters) and not without bruises and bumps.

Read the rest of the piece.

Michael Goldfarb at the WorldwideStandard blog snarks about Karl and Kos’ first essays:

Newsweek promised us that its new series of essays penned by Markos Moulitsas and Karl Rove would be enlightening. The magazine has delivered on its promise with stunning efficiency. In his debut essay, Rove posits that – you better sit down for this – Hillary Clinton is beatable. Meanwhile, on the other side of the political divide, Kos spends roughly a thousand words documenting how George W. Bush has been a very, very, very, very, very, very bad president. Safe to say that both of Newsweek’s new pundits have broken new ground!

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