The Invisible Bigotry Of Raised Expectations

Last week, I wrote about two stories that, on the surface, didn’t have much in common. First up, I wrote about the anti-war nuts in Olympia, Washington who are trying to stop the military from using the port there to move military hardware. Then I wrote about the International Committee of the Red Cross offering a three-day seminar for Palestinian terrorists on the rules of war.

But the more I thought about those stories, and a few others, the clearer I discerned a common thread in there, an insight that tied them — and a host of others — together.

I believe it was George W. Bush who started using the phrase “soft bigotry of lowered expectations” to describe the attitude to expect less of people simply based on their race, sex, ethnic background, or other factors.

It’s a two-sided coin, however. The flip of that attitude is to expect more from people and groups based on the same factors.

Let’s look at the Olympia idiots. They say that the US military is a savage, brutal, terrorist mob and it is their moral duty to stop the movement of war materiel (even that materiel that has been brought back from Iraq for repair and refurbishment). So they stand in front of the gates of the port, making blockades of themselves (and, often, their children) to stop the vehicles.

If these people really believed, in their heart of hearts, that the US military was all the things they say it was, they wouldn’t dare do such a thing.

Have you ever seen what a tractor trailer can do to a human being — or several human beings — that get in its way? I have. It’s not pretty. And if they unloaded the Strykers and drove them through the mobs, the morons would pose even less of an obstacle than the improvised barriers they had put up — and the people would fare far worse. Remember, Strykers are designed for combat — a bunch of dipshits with bandannas and candles and the occasional cinderblock or dumpster are nothing compared to RPGs, IEDs, land mines, missiles, automatic weapons, cannons, and other hazards of the modern battlefield.

Likewise, look at the links I posted in my piece on the Red Cross’ seminars. Palestinians routinely accuse the Israelis of atrocities, but willfully commit such acts while at the same time depending on the Israelis to not respond in kind. For example, they deliberately target Israeli children (witness the regular rocket attacks on Sderot, one of which was called a “welcome back to school” barrage), yet use children as human shields and fire mortars from the yards of occupied schools. If the Israelis half as unprincipled as the Palestinians say they are, then they wouldn’t use such tactics — because they wouldn’t work.

This also ties in to those who have the worst strains of Bush Derangement Syndrome. If he was half as megalomaniacal and evil as they say, they’d have been hauled off to Guantanamo long ago. And we wouldn’t bother having these presidential primaries, he’d be declaring himself dictator for life instead of thinking about what he’ll do with himself as of January 21, 2009. (Hmm… no more primaries and campaigns? That doesn’t sound that bad, really. I might have to think about that one…)

It might be a stretch to call it “bigotry,” but I don’t really think so. And I think it speaks volumes about the bigots.

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