Who Says Feminists Have No Sense Of Humor?

According to the feminists, the greatest threat to women’s rights worldwide has to be George W. Bush and the Republicans. In order to come to that conclusion, they had to manage to overlook certain other things — such as the way Islam tends to treat women.

For example, they are so wrapped up in possessing and controlling women — especially their sexuality — that they insist that their wives be virgins on their wedding night. (Men, of course, are exempt from such restrictions.) This has led to a surge in “re-virginizing” surgeries in England, the tab picked up by the NHS. In other words, British subjects are paying to restore women’s hymens in deference to Muslim prejudices.

Then, in Saudi Arabia, a woman was gang-raped. Her attackers were sentenced to jail (no small miracle in a Muslim nation), but it came out that before the rape, she had been — horror of horrors! — traveling in a car with a man who was NOT a relative. For that horrific crime, she was sentenced to 90 lashes. And when she protested and appealed it, it was upped to 200 lashes.

Finally, in Basra, Iraq, a group of militant Muslims have decided that they need to enforce Islamic law on women. Those who are so bold and arrogant to go outside in something besides the Muslim-approved Hefty trash bag run the risk of being beaten or killed. Iraqi officials are trying to put an end to it, but they are finding it difficult.

And despite all that, George W. Bush is a greater threat to women than Islam.

Those wacky feminists. What will they say next?

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