Senate GOP Blocks Democrats’ Troop Withdrawal Scheme

Senate Republicans on Friday filibustered the media/Democrats’ latest attempt to condition funding for our troops in the field on a deadline by which they would have to be withdrawn.

43 / 47 – 91% – Republicans against a withdrawal deadline.
1 / 49 – 1% – Democrats against a withdrawal deadline.

48 / 49 – 99% – Democrats in favor of withdrawal deadline.
4 / 47 – 9% – Republicans in favor of withdrawal deadline.

Plus Lieberman against and the socialist in favor =

53-45 in favor; thereby falling well short of the 60 votes needed to proceed.

For those who missed it — or who’ve already blocked it out — this is the third time this calendar year the “Party of the People” has attempted to sell out the Iraqi government, the Iraqi people and our troops in the field.

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