Zogby: Congress wins lower approval than OJ

In a rambling column essentially confirming he has no idea what may happen in next year’s election, pollster John Zogby notes in passing that Congress’ approval rating is lower than O.J. Simpson’s was – during his murder trial. From Zogby International:

So what’s going on today? We have a president with a near record-low job performance rating – 24 percent. (The record lows were Harry Truman after he fired Douglas MacArthur, and Richard Nixon the day before he resigned. Both were at 23 percent. )

But the Democrats who run Congress have an 11 percent job approval rating. Let’s just note that in my polling in 1995, O.J. Simpson was at 16 percent.

The rest is at the link above, but sheds no further light.

It makes sense, in a way, though: even on trial for murder, O.J. must have then seemed more sincere than Nancy Pelosi, more decisive than Harry Reid, more honest than Charlie Rangel and David Obey, and much more intelligent than John Conyers do today.

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