Wizbang Sports – We’re Back!

Once upon a time I had a great idea for a Sports blog. It was originally called SportsBlog and featured sport related posts from a variety of bloggers, most of whom were better know as political bloggers. Alas that site sort of faded away and I eventually migrated it over to the Wizbang network of sites. What I didn’t do was put a lot of effort into the rebranding or into rethinking the focus or staffing of the site.

All that has changed…

Dan Zinski has signed on to help build a new identity for Wizbang Sports, continuing the work started by Peter F. They’re both fresh, opinionated, and always in your face. For example, Phil Jackson: Great Coach, Rotten Stand-Up Comedian. They’re not just writing about the sports news of the day they’re injecting it with a bit of (for lack of a non-foul language description) “attitude.” For example a story on the season ending injury to Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Dwight Freeney:

Funny, but I feel no sympathy whatsoever for the Colts or Peyton Manning. Maybe it’s because I’m so tired of Peyton’s new career as a ubiquitous TV pitch-man. “Been rocking this hair-do since I was five.” Oh, you’re so self-deprecating Peyton. “Cut that meat.” And the Saturday Night Live appearance everyone thought was so funny. Please. This guy’s got about as much personality as a fire hydrant. Give me Tom Brady any day. Yeah, he may be boring too, but at least he goes out with supermodels.

As for Freeney’s injury…thankfully the Colts have signed Simeon Rice to take his place. Simeon Rice? What, they couldn’t talk Charles Haley into coming out of retirement? Colts are screwed.

The Colts may be screwed but Wizbang Sports readers sure won’t be…

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