New Hampshire: Meet me at the dump?


When those of us at Wizbang who are not residents of New Hampshire write about the Granite State, we are sometimes advised that our Section Editor is, in fact, a resident and might have a better perspective. Usually this comes in cordial form, as a gentle reminder. If you awaken to find a granite horse’s head in your bed, then you’ve gone too far.

Some stories are just too good to pass up, though, so damn the torpedoes and read Katie Zezima’s report in The New York Times:

The town dump here is a kind of unofficial social club, the place to buy Girl Scout cookies, meet political candidates and catch up with friends while unloading a week’s worth of trash.

Or as one resident, Ted Crane, puts it, “There’s no joy greater than coming to the dump on Saturday morning.”

Now that joy has been dimmed by new town regulations that limit each user’s visit to 30 minutes a day. The cutoff has annoyed both those who say they won’t have enough time to get together with neighbors and others who claim a half-hour just isn’t long enough to get rid of all their garbage.

“It’s tyranny,” said Peter Band, a former selectman who maintains that “the townspeople should be able to continue their time-honored tradition of socializing here.”

If there is to be any limit at all, Mr. Band would favor one of no less than 90 minutes. “It takes me at least an hour and a half to empty my truck,” he said.

Officials of Hollis, a community of 7,000 about 50 miles northwest of Boston, say the 30-minute limit was needed to cut down on loitering and traffic congestion at the dump.

And while the Board of Selectmen was at it, unanimously adopting the rule on Nov. 5, it also barred people from digging in the dump’s scrap metal pile. Not only is that metal a source of town revenue, with Hollis grossing $15,000 to $20,000 a year by recycling it, but people had taken to climbing on the pile in flip-flops and letting their children play near it.

Read the rest at the link above, and remember these people have a huge role in selecting the next President of the United States.

Thanks to “Bama Jim” Dunn of Do What Now? for sending in this story, and making the only possible comment:

And they make fun of Southerners.

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