It’s Political Correctness Run Amok

For goodness sake. Now a Santa recruitment company has said that Santa’s Ho Ho Ho is offensive to women:

When kids hear Santa Claus bellow, “Ho, ho, ho,” is their first thought prostitution?

That concern has prompted an attempt to gag the traditional greeting, and many Santas are now fighting back.

According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, Santas across Australia are rebelling against attempts to change their saying to a more politically correct, “ha, ha, ha.”

It all started when the recruitment firm Westaff – which has offices both in the United States and Australia – told its Christmas trainees that the “ho, ho, ho” phrase could frighten children and possibly be derogatory to women.

One told the Daily Telegraph he was taught not to use “ho, ho, ho” because it was too close to the American slang for prostitute.

I think I need to wrap my head in duct tape.

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