There’s an saying that “truth is stranger than fiction,” and I’ve heard that explained as “fiction, unlike truth, has the burden of having to be believable.” And events in this world have gotten to the point where I feel the need to introduce a new category of postings here at Wizbang — “WTF?” (Feel free to Google the acronym if you don’t know it.)

The title is from a phrase I used recently in a story that really, really deserved the new category, when John Kerry announced that he ready to answer the attacks the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth had made. Unfortunately for the Bay State’s junior senator, his announcement came almost three years to the day after he lost the presidency, and the Swift Boat Veterans’ efforts played a part in that defeat. At that point, I had to say “You Can’t Make This Shit Up.”

Well, as Kevin posted earlier, there’s now a story that puts Senator Waffles Gigolo to shame (or, at least, ought to, if the man was capable of feeling shame): a 37-year-old waitress and illegal alien from Lebanon has been convicted of stealing government secrets from the FBI and the CIA, where she worked, and has ties to Hezbollah — the Syrian puppet terrorist group that holds a stranglehold in Lebanon and killed 241 American servicemen in 1983.

When I read Tom Clancy’s “Executive Orders,” I found it highly implausible that an Iran could get not one, but two sleeper assassins on to presidential security details — first Iraq’s, then America’s. But had any author tried to sell me on anything resembling the apparently true story of Nada Nadim Prouty, I’d have hurled the book across the room in disgust. That was an insult to my intelligence.

The next time I visit Washington, DC, I think I’m going to steal a line from Jack Nicholson from the movie “Batman:” “This town needs an enema!” It’s long past time to purge a huge hunk of the established structure that is running our government right down the toilet. We can start with the FBI and the CIA, who let Ms. Prouty work for so long against our nation’s interests and didn’t do the most basic checks on her. Then we can move on to the State Department and get the whining gits out of the Foreign Service. And this one will take some work, but I have come to the conclusion that if we simply kicked 75% of the members out of Congress — chosen at random, or weighted by seniority — we’d end up with a vastly better legislature.

Hell, I think that would work across the board. In pretty much every bureaucracy, fire 75% of them at random, then tell the survivors to hire some new people and DO THEIR JOBS, or we’ll axe them and half of the new hires.

We are the owners of this government, and our employees are not only failing to do their jobs, they’re willfully doing whatever the hell they like — and doing it TO us. That has GOT to end.

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