“Half An Hour Later, I Wanted To Buy Another Hard Drive!”

It seems that hardly a week goes by without news of another bad product coming out of Communist China. The latest one (as of this morning) is a bunch of Maxtor external hard drives that shipped with a little “fortune cookie” bonus — a pre-installed Trojan program.

This on top of the 2.7 metric assloads of other Communist Chinese products that have been recalled. Kid’s toys painted with lead paint. Kid’s toys painted with a substance that turns into a date rape drug. Pet food that kills dogs and cats.

Back in June, it was already turning into a trend. And then, I wrote “Once is an accident. Twice could be a coincidence. But all three in such short order… to ignore that would be insane.”

At what point do we have no choice to look at these incidents and say that this has gone far, far beyond the point where mere happenstance? That there is a systemic problem with products produced in Communist China?

No, I don’t think that there is some grand conspiracy to ruin the West with cheap, defective goods. The idea that this is all part of some plan to slowly weaken and then ruin us with attacks aimed at our pets, our children, and our nerds seems a bit on the paranoid to me.

But it is strongly indicative that Communist China simply isn’t up to meeting fundamental standards for safety, and we need to start looking far more carefully at pretty much any and all goods that come here. And, since that suspicion is eminently justified, it would be more than appropriate for Communist China to pick up the tab for the inspections — after all, they’ve forfeited any right to claim innocence in this matter.

I don’t think we can afford their cheap stuff. The non-financial price is just getting too damned high.

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