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Our troops don’t ask for much. Lord knows they deserve all they get and more, but they don’t make a point of asking for it. But the few things they do ask for, we really ought to consider giving them.

The people serving overseas are, for the most part, young and inexperienced in the ways of the world. As such, their needs and desires are usually relatively simple. And there are people who don’t think they should not only not get them, but not even be able to buy them with their own money.

One of these people is perpetual fun-killing asshole Donald Wildmon. He heard that military PXs and BXs actually carry — and SELL — magazines like Playboy and Penthouse. And he thinks that our young men (and women, in some cases — and more power to them!) should not be able to buy such things.

And the perpetually indignant mommies at MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) are coming down foursquare against a move to allowing Marines coming back from the war in Iraq from having a celebratory beer or two with their buddies. You see, apparently they’re old enough to sign up for military service, carry weapons, drive tanks, fly helicopters and jets, but if they’re not 21, we can’t trust them with beer.

A while ago I lambasted MADD for expanding their rampant nannyism into seat belt laws, but I think I’d rather have them nagging us over that than meddling with one of the few privileges those fine young men and women have the gumption to ask for.

Let them have their fun, people. Lord knows they’ve earned it.

(Editor’s note: extra negative removed from second paragraph. Thanks for the heads-up, Anon Y. Mous.)

For those who don’t catch the Frank Zappa reference, here are the lyrics. One of the few rules Kevin has is “no profanities in the title,” and I try to reserve my breaking that rule for the times it’s really, REALLY called for.

Happy Birthday, Marines!
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