When All Else Fails, Make Stuff Up

Well, the Boston Globe had to really stretch, but they managed to find a way to turn French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to the United States into an instance of Bush-bashing.

Sarkozy the Frenchman was too courteous to say that he and his compatriots have no desire to trade their superb healthcare for America’s ailing system; their dependable pensions for Americans’ vanishing ones; their efficient high-speed trains for America’s nightmarish airports; their fine cuisine for America’s mass-produced fast food. The France of Sarkozy may be a reliable ally, but it should not be mistaken for an envious friend.

Funny how they can discuss what Sarkozy did NOT say, but very few people want to discuss what the hell happened to all our “traditional allies” that Bush and his Iraq policy had driven away. Canada, France, and Germany all tossed out their leaders and chose ones who are more friendly to the US, while Australia re-elected John Howard and Great Britain’s new Prime Minister is pretty much in line with Tony Blair’s policies.

I guess that isn’t “news” any more.

Edited to correct broken link — author’s fault, as usual. Thanks, rovin and evilrio.)

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