Inmates Running The Asylum’s PA System

One of the curses of the internet age is that it makes the world a bit smaller for everyone — even those who would be better off being very small fish in very big ponds.

I’m talking about the crazies.

Before the internet, nuts and kooks had to work hard to find others that would reinforce their insanities. These days, the whackjobs can find each other with just a few clicks, build a community (“mixed nuts”), and perpetuate and propagate their looniness with the speed of light.

The Bush Derangement Syndrome twits and the Ron Paul nuts are among the milder ones. We also have the 9/11 Trooothers (who are now stalking local TV reporters to push their paranoid delusions), the neo-Nazis (who are now in a fight with Little Green Footballs, because the LGFers aren’t the gibbering racists they are often portrayed as), the jihadists (both internet and real-life), and numerous phyla of psychotics are growing louder and louder — and harder to ignore.

There are plenty of others out there. Those are just the ones that jump to mind.

And I have absolutely no idea what to do about them. Normally, sunshine is the best disinfectant, and exposing these nuts and their ravings ought to be enough to discount them. But they seem to have grown resistant to such things, and the attention only seems to encourage them.

Anyone got any useful ideas?

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