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Growth in Total Incomes, Wages + Salaries

Total incomes and wages and salaries have been growing much faster than inflation:

6.8% – growth in total incomes – 9/06 – 9/07
7.1% – growth in total salaries + wages – 9/06 – 9/07

2.8% – total consumer inflation rate, 9/06 – 9/07

For obvious reasons the chances the national media would have reported those facts to the general public fell somewhere between Kucinich and Paul; i.e., no f’n chance in hell.

Economic Growth

The country’s services sector grew in October for the 55th consecutive month. Services account for 80% of all economic activity. The rate of services growth in October was greater than September’s growth rate. The nation’s manufacturing sector also grew in October.

Steel Curtain

The Pittsburgh Steelers ranked # 1 in a survey of local team branding. Here’s a link to a decent AP article.

This is not at all surprising. I mean, seriously, have you ever met a Pittsburgh Steelers fan??? Damn.

I thought New York sports fans were, well, fanatics. But Steelers fans are off the charts, honey.

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