Judas Goat

It seems to me that a good chunk of the people backing Ron Paul aren’t doing so because they want him to win, but because of the potential mischief he could cause the Republicans running for president. I think that’s a bit dishonest, and it bugs me.

But I see its appeal.

And its potential effectiveness.

So I’m going to try it myself. I’m going to be a bit more forthright about it, though, and be absolutely honest about my insincerity.

I hereby hope that John Edwards stays in the race as long as possible, and might even vote for him in New Hampshire’s primary, as long as he keeps running ads like this:

And this:

For the record, there’s no way in HELL I’d ever vote for Edwards in the general election, and view a potential Edwards administration as an unmitigated disaster for this country. Likewise, I hope he does NOT win the nomination, because 1) I believe in rigorous elections, and want the best-qualified people to win the nominations, and B) it would make an Edwards presidency a possibility.

But as long as he’s focusing on taking down Hillary Clinton (with that most devious and dishonest and dishonorable and deceptive and disgusting tactic, using her own words), I hope all Americans put their money on Silky Pony to WIN — or at least, place or show.

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