A Simple Question

Well, there’s more talk of a “peace conference” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this one to be held in Annapolis. And the talk this time is that this is to be THE BIG ONE that finally solves the whole thing — and involves establishing East Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital.

Help me out a little here. It seems to me that every time we have one of these big conferences, there’s a push for “good faith gestures” from Israel (translation: concessions) before the talks start. There’s never any push for any such gestures from the Palestinians. In fact, it seems that each time those roll around, they tend to follow a bunch of “bad-faith gestures” by the Palestinians, and part of the “peace process” seems to involve not only forgiving those acts, but solemnizing them.

For example, right now the Palestinians running the Gaza Strip are unabashed terrorists, who not only launch rockets into Israel on a daily basis, but also shell the border crossings (both those into Israel, but into Egypt) to “discourage” the Palestinians from fleeing the Islamic Paradise that is Gaza under the governance of the duly-elected government.

Meanwhile, Fatah, the other major Palestinian faction (they’re the semi-secular kleptocrats, versus Hamas, the Islamist sociopaths — one must be very careful in the taxonomy of terrorists), is trying to claim the “moderate” title by default and win back Western aid and support. (“Hamas is the extremists — they just want to kill all the Jews. We’ll be just as happy if they just flee into the sea and drown.”

Can anyone — ANYONE — ever cite a single example where the Palestinians were called upon to make any sort of concession or “good faith gesture” and actually kept it? Just once?

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