Birth Daze

If there’s an unofficial database of bloggers and their birthdays, it’s maintained by Jay Solo of Blogblivion (formerly Accidental Verbosity). I’ve been a longtime reader of that site, run by him and his lovely wife, Deb, and occasionally their three kids. I also had the great good fortune to meet him at a gathering of New Hampshire bloggers last year, and he’s as good a guy in person as he seems online.

Well, today he announced a whole bunch of birthdays, but almost — almost — forgot the most important one.

If you have a moment or two, head on over there and give her your best wishes. And if you have a few more, give the rest of the site a read. It’s a good site — even if they are a couple of Massholes.

(Give in to the inevitable, folks, and come to New Hampshire… you’ll love it up here, I promise.)

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