Jay Tea’s Evil Political Thought Of The Day

Lately, it seems that almost every day there’s a new scandal involving Hillary Clinton and campaign financing. Wanted fugitives raising big bucks for her. Poor immigrants giving far more money than they ought to be able to afford. Children and infants forking over thousands of dollars for her election. I’m waiting for the story some day that Hillary traded some magic beans for some guy’s cattle futures.

Anyway, it seems to to me that when there’s this much smoke, there almost has to be some fire. And the faster we root it out, the better it is for all concerned. (Well, except for those who’ve been breaking the laws, but I think we can all agree that their best interests are most likely in opposition to the rest of ours.)

This is the kind of case that calls for a special prosecutor. One dedicated attorney whose sole duty will be to go through Senator Clinton’s coffers and ledgers and find out just what laws might have been broken.

Naturally, it is the obligation of the president to appoint this prosecutor. Since he’s a Republican and Senator Clinton is a Democrat, the potential conflict of interest is obvious. Finding a lawyer who’s both interested and expert in election laws AND hasn’t ever been involved in partisan politics would be virtually impossible, so he ought to appoint a Democrat.

So, we need a lawyer who’s well versed in election and election finance laws, an accomplished prosecutor, and a registered Democrat? A lawyer that most Democrats will have to acknowledge as fair, yet tough on corruption?

Sounds impossible, but I have just the perfect candidate in mind.

I’d like to suggest President Bush appoint the District Attorney of Travis County, Texas — Mr. Ronnie Earle — as special prosecutor into Senator Clinton’s presidential campaign fund-raising.

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