Robert Goulet Dead At 73

When I was young, I saw a production of “Camelot” on cable — I think it was HBO. Richard Harris was King Arthur, and Robert Goulet was Lancelot. It was amazing, and I can still hear Goulet singing Lancelot’s theme, “C’est Moi.” Hell, I still know the lyrics by heart.

Robert Goulet — who was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, a city I know a bit too well — died last night.

Robert Goulet didn’t just have a tremendous voice. He had an amazing sense of humor, and a staunch refusal to take himself too seriously. He took on numerous roles lampooning the arrogant, famous, pompous elites, poking fun at himself with delight.

I can’t find a video of Goulet singing Lancelot’s incredibly arrogant theme song (but then, “it ain’t bragging if you can do it,” and Lancelot simply WAS all that), but I did find this delightful commercial Goulet did for Emerald Nuts.

Godspeed, Mr. Goulet.

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