Questioning The Timing

Blog-buddy (and sometime colleague) Rob Port from Say Anything (one of the finer blogs around) had a piece up yesterday about yet more financial shenanigans from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It appears that the folks at Blogs For Bush have filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission about some of her fundraising, including the questionable donations from poor and otherwise politically disinterested Chinese immigrants and some serious quid pro quo allegations.

Rob — to coin a phrase — “questions the timing.” He thinks it would have been wiser to sit on this complaint until later in the primary season or after she clinches the nomination, as that would better benefit the Republican nominee (and, in my opinion, America in general) and do more damage to her, her campaign, and her party.

That’s sound tactical thinking, but I have to disagree. Sitting on some things and waiting for a more advantageous time to release them is generally a good idea, but this is one of those cases where it’s not.

Corruption is wrong. Breaking laws is wrong. It can not and should not be concealed, for any reason. It was one of the things that got me irritated about the Congressman Mark Foley mess — even though he had very carefully avoided breaking any laws, he still had abused his position of authority and was moving from the grotesquely icky towards the illegal. And when it came out that the people who “outed” him had apparently sat on the story until it was too late to replace him on the Florida ballot, I (along with a lot of others) were disgusted and infuriated with them for exploiting the situation (and potentially endangering children) for political gain.

I’m getting a hint of the same feeling here. The idea of having enough grounds for a complaint against Hillary Clinton’s campaign is no great surprise. But if there is enough evidence now for a more thorough investigation, then let’s do it now — and not let the potential crimes continue merely for the sake of political gain.

Not even if it means helping another Democrat at Hillary’s expense.

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