Condolences to Paul Hooson

In a comment on another thread, reader and regular commenter Paul Hooson mentioned that his mother passed away on Monday. I do not wish to embarrass Mr. Hooson, especially in his time of grief, but I do feel that we should all extend appropriate sympathy and wishes for solace and peace to Paul and his family.

One of the things I greatly appreciate about the Blogosphere, is that you get to know people from a great range of places and perspectives. And so, I consider Paul a friiend whose loss matters to me. I also recall the many kind words I received when my father passed away last year; it was a comfort to me then, and I hope it may be a comfort to Paul now.

The times being what they are, I must remind everyone that this thread is meant for condolences and sympathy. If you cannot manage those emotions, there are plenty of other threads where you can leave comments. But it would be a good thing, for those who are so inclined to wish Paul and his family their sincere good wishes and sympathy.


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